Our Current Situation…

Okay, not that Situation, but Annie and I both love this song.  My name is Maryann, and I’ll be your blogger for this evening.  Pleasure to meet you.

I met Annie back in the mid-80s when we were both young, wild, and free.  We bonded instantly, and one thing we always loved doing was going dancing with our other friends, Laura and Karen, among others. We’d leave the place around 2am, then drive around in Karen’s car looking for more mischief, and if we didn’t find it, we just landed at the diner and kept laughing our butts off into the wee hours.  Ah, memories. I actually have a photo of us from back then, wanna see it? We didn’t pose for it together, but years later, on Facebook (of course, where else?), we reconnected years after losing touch, and we discovered we had both posed for very similar pictures *just* prior to our meeting!  So, through the wonder of the Internet (our young selves would never dream such a thing could exist), I was able to put us “together”.  That’s Annie on the right, with the roller skates:



Oh to be that thin again and have that hair, but I digress.  I love the impish look on her face here *LOL*.  She was such a sweetheart, and she still is, even more so.  Such a pure soul, genuine-hearted, nurturing.  A class act through and through.  I love this girl.

That’s why I need to bring your attention to the difficulties my dear friend has had over the past few years, and why it’s so important for you to watch another video I’m about to post.  Please watch, and then you’ll understand the link I’m going to post just under it:

Video courtesy of Luiz Martinez

Here is the link to our—-> Kickstarter Campaign

As my friend says, we need a hand UP, not a hand OUT.  I’m sooo looking forward to watching her work, so I can smell – no, HUFF – those fragrances. Oh Lawd!! Too bad there’s no way to translate scent across a computer screen, because one sniff and I know you would swoon right off your chair.  My personal favorite is Blackberry Sage. Mmmmmm. I use the oil mostly, but I also have the Slather.  But my favorite Slather scent is Cucumber Melon. It renders me downright edible, folks. I kid you not.

Anyway! Thank you so much for visiting us again. We will be featuring more articles and other fun stuff, announcements, etc. We’re only just getting started. If you’ve made a donation, expect the corresponding rewards (located in the right margin of the Kickstarter page), and I thank you sincerely and from the heart ❤

Til the morrow,

Maryann for CatSoCo

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