The 12 Houses of the Zodiac Wheel


Hello, and welcome back to our basic Astrology lessons.  Today we will be discussing the House system.  Those who aren’t familiar with Astrology have probably at least heard of the houses, like in the song “Age of Aquarius”, which begins with the lyric: “when the moon is in the 7th house“. Ever wonder what that means, exactly? Well, read further and you’ll understand!

Many practitioners, past or present, believe the birth chart shows this lifetime’s karma, with a “blueprint” for the native to follow in order to achieve their goals and fulfill their soul’s mission this time around. Others, who don’t subscribe to the belief in multiple lives for one soul, still glean enough information to have better understanding of himself and other people. It’s considered a “snapshot” of where the planets were at the moment of birth; the signs and houses they were in.

The zodiac wheel is divided into 12 sectors, or Houses, as they’re called, like a bigga pizza pie! Each house corresponds to a different area of life, as well as a sign and the sign’s ruler. Any natal planets appearing there signifies that there’s energy focused in that area, and the planet and sign describe that energy. It hints at how or where something might play out in the subject’s lifetime, be it a gift or an obstacle (sometimes both; life can be contradictory and complicated, right?)  In order to know which houses a person’s planets were in, as well as the position of each house, we need to know their time of birth, as exactly as possible. It can also work within a two hour period, since there are 12 signs and 24 hours in a day, however, it’s best to know the precise time.


The 12 Houses and the Areas They Rule


1st House:  The beginning of the zodiac, and it deals with beginnings, “firsts”. This is the house of birth, the self, the appearance, initiations, and the cusp of this house is also known as your Ascendant, or Rising sign. Whichever sign is on the cusp at the moment of birth, is the “mask” one wears when meeting people. The first impression one gives, our defensive mechanisms, as well as the filter through which he sees the world. (Ruled by Aries/Mars)

2nd House:  The house of finances, earned income, values, self-worth, material, physical environment, the five senses. (Ruled by Taurus/Venus)

3rd House:  The house of communication, mental agility, thinking, writing, speaking, technology for communicating, neighbors, cousins, siblings, our interactions in our immediate environment, errands, short trips, small moving parts, media, language. (Ruled by Gemini/Mercury)

4th House:  The house of home and family, roots, security, parents/mother, children, nurturing (given and received), the soul/past lives, privacy, instincts, moods, emotional needs, feelings, ancestry, the past, real estate. The cusp of this house is called the Immum Coeli (IC), and is a sensitive point in Astrology, located at the bottom of the wheel. (Ruled by Cancer/Moon)

5th House:  The house of creativity, play, self-expression, drama, color, romance, love, affairs, the heart (physical and proverbial), attention, acting, fun and games, pleasure, entertainment, gambling and speculation, hobbies, costumes, storytelling, vitality, pride, ego. (Ruled by Leo/Sun)

6th House:  The house of health, work/job (not necessarily career), daily routines, service to others, pure intentions, helpfulness, schedules, organization, fitness, diet, exercise, pets and small animals, criticism, details, analyzation, refinement.  (Ruled by Virgo/Mercury)

7th House:  The house of partnerships (business and personal), marriage, Others, art and beauty, companionship, the alter-ego, one-to-one relationships, competitors, lawyers, mediating, peacekeeping, contracts, formal agreements, the “shadow side”, significant other, art, beauty, musical taste.  (Ruled by Libra/Venus)

8th House:  The house of mystery, transformation, sexuality, joint resources, other people’s money, insurance payouts, alimony, death, taxes, addictions, psychology, inheritance, regeneration, rebirth, crisis and change, intimacy, merging, deep emotional bonding.  (Ruled by Scorpio/Mars & Pluto)

9th House:  The house of philosophy, international or long-distance travel, other cultures, publishing, religion, belief systems, higher learning, college/university, adventure, exploration, foreign land or people, personal truths, commerce, luck, fortune, publishing, optimism, expansion, big parties, sports.  (Ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter)

10th House:  The house of career, public reputation, status, responsibility, profession, contribution to society, authority figures, paternal figures/father, bosses, governments, attitudes toward abiding by law, desire for achievement, ambition, social or professional climbing, structures, corporation, tradition, time-sensitive issues, fame, honors, rules, discipline.  The cusp is another angle called the “Midheaven”/Medium Coeli, aka MC.  (Ruled by Capricorn/Saturn)

11th House:  The house of friendships, communities, groups, clubs, organizations, aspirations, personal goals, teams, society, networking, social justice, rebellion, humanitarian causes, originality, eccentricity, genius, sudden events, surprises, reversals, invention, astronomy, astrology, science, the future.  (Ruled by Aquarius/Uranus)

12th House:  The final house that rules endings, it is the house of soul growth, self-undoing, sacrifice, hidden agendas, secret enemies, karma, separations from society such as institutions, jails, hospitals, prisons, homes. Final stages, tying up loose ends, old age, dying, the afterlife, surrender. Also rules imagination, creativity, arts, film, TV, dance, poetry, journals, dreams and the subconscious mind.  (Ruled by Pisces/Neptune)


As you can see, there’s nothing simple about this stuff!  It encompasses so much, and we haven’t even scratched the surface.  Next time, we’ll discuss the Sun in each of the houses, just to make things more interesting and to further illustrate how the house system works.

Until then, have a wonderful day!

Fare thee well,

Team CatSo/ZoCo



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