Spotlight: Red


pisces mermaids.png

Welcome back to our blog!  Our next friend to introduce is Red.  She was kind enough to answer silly questions that were thrown at her, and here is what resulted:


1. How did you find out about CatSoCo?

So funny story, the first time I ever shopped at CatSoCo was at NYRF back in 2011 when I bought 3 rubber duckies, which I still have, back when Annie sold them. My then boyfriend and I befriended Annie, and one afternoon I voluntarily alphabetized the body oils for her and next summer I was a soap wench!

2. How long have you been using their products?

Since back in 2011, my first CatSoCo product was a bottle of Ginger Peach lotion mist.

3. Which do you love: Harvest Ale, or Bite Me?

Between those two choices, Harvest Ale, but I am definitely an Apple Jack and Peel girl or Caribbean Coconut…or Lemongrass… don’t make me choose!

4. What is your favorite product?

Cappuccino Sugar Scrub. Oh man it’s just…the best. Softens my hands and elbows without being abrasive and smells like brown sugar and coffee. Perfection.

5. Have you ever been to Ren Faire?

2017 will be my Twelfth Year at NYRF!

6. What’s your sign?

Pisces, isn’t it obvious? 😉

7. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Dog person, but my heart is big enough for all the animals

8. What is your second favorite product?

My second favorite is a solid tie between Slather and Soap.

9. What did you have for lunch today?

Lunch was half a box of Cheez-its, extra toasty flavor and an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Super healthy I know.

10. I just left the doctor’s office 5 mins ago. They called in 9 new prescriptions. The doctor said they’d be ready when I got here. Are they ready?

Only three are fillable we are working on them, two need PAs, two are too soon to refill, I need to verify one with your doctor because he wrote it for a strength that doesn’t exist and the last one is for Asprin 81mg which is in aisle 13.


pisces mermaids.png


red collage.jpg

The lovely Red at Faire (l), with her dog Jameson Rose (c), and in the Faire parade (r)


We hope you enjoyed meeting our friend, Red.  She’s a delight, and a good sport, and you can meet this lovely lady at the New York Ren Faire come August 2017!

Thank you for your participation, Red!


Til next time, dearest brethren,

Fare thee well,

Team CatSoCo



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