Spotlight: Loo



We recently caught up with another friend of the Catskill Soap Company, Luis, aka Loo!

Loo, too, was kind enough to indulge us and respond to our questions:


1. How did you find out about CatSoCo?

I found out about CatSoCo by attending faire. When I first started going to faire in the early 2000’s it was such a new and wonderful experience that I had to see it all. That and my wife Elizabeth would never had allowed us to skip a shop with all natural body products!

2. How long have you been using their products?

I believe we’ve been using CatSoCo’s products since 2009.

3. Which is your favorite fragrance?

My favorite fragrance would be the eucalyptus spearmint. The eucalyptus is good for opening up the nasal passages and the spearmint is energizing!

4. What is your favorite product?

My favorite product used to just be the soap(s) but now it’s the no deet’r skeeter spray. Not only does it work but it smells great too. It’s definitely an annual purchase.

5. How much do you enjoy Ren Faire?

Faire is one of my favorite places. And I used to look forward to going at least a few times every year. Buying a home in Monroe in 2008 was intended to get us out of the hustle and bustle of New Jersey but for me it was just a way of getting closer to Faire. 🙂

6. What’s your sign?

🦂 <—(that’s a Scorpion, not a lobster)
As far as astrology goes I’m not an expert in it. But when I talk to Elizabeth sometimes I realize that people’s astrological signs really do fit their personalities.
So if ya get to know me and know astrology and how it pertains to horoscopes and such you’ll agree with most people “Loo is definitely a Scorpio.” And I’m proud of it.

7. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

We have three cats. I’ll probably always want a feline in my life. So personality wise I’m cat person. But we both yearn for the day when we can have a pup of our own. Whenever we get together with a friend that has one, it’s all about that dog!

We have some friends with really great dogs. It just makes us want one even more. I think we refrained because of the commitment. Cats are easier.
And going away of course is tougher when you have a dog.

8. What is your second favorite product?

My second favorite product is definitely the soap. I like the coconut soap. Most of the soaps smell like they’d be edible but the coconut soap is especially so.

9. What did you have for lunch today?

A hummus and falafel gyro and a bag of jalapeño chips. 

But I also bought a small turkey chili for mid afternoon cause I work out and need more protein for muscle building.
I gotta eat every three or four hours cause I have a tapeworm.
At least that’s what my boss thinks cause he doesn’t know where all the food goes.

10.  How did your nickname, “Loo”, get to be spelled the way it is? 

Loo is the way I’ve spelled my nickname for about 30 years now. When I wrote it out I would make it a smiley face by putting the “smile” under the o’s and then putting dots in the o’s for pupils to make them eyes. I kept writing it out that way so it stuck. I realized that Loo is what people in England call their bathroom/toilets but I didn’t care. What’s funny to me is that even people at work spell it this way when their referring to me in an email. When I tried growing up “professionally” a few years ago I tried going with Lu and no one caught on and I knew my personal life friends would never accept it so I gave up on it.

Thank you, Loo!  You’ve been an interesting subject here on the CatSoCo blog. We look forward to seeing you at the NY Renaissance Faire starting August 5th!

And thank you for being a friend!


Loo collage.jpg


Til next time, dear brethren,

Fare thee well,

Team CatSoCo



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