You’ve Been Slathered!



What does it mean to be “Slathered”?


Maryann here!  Hi. I’ll tell you what it means. Funny story, true story:

It had been several years since Annie Adams, owner of the Catskill Soap Company, and I had last seen each other, and we reconnected through Facebook (how else?).  We got together with Laura and Karen, two other friends we hadn’t seen since the olden days when we used to romp the same grounds together, and had a fantastic chicken curry dinner at Laura’s.  Annie brought along some gifts for her old friends, which were some of her products, as she filled us in on her goings-on through the years.  I’ll never forget this.  When she was describing her body cream, called “Slather”, she took my hand in her velvety soft hands, and began working the cream into my skin.  I felt my entire body relax immediately, as she expertly massaged my hand, and as I sank into the heaven that was having someone massaging my hand, I also drank in the aroma of the cream.  Oh my Lord, people, I tell you I haven’t been the same ever since.  I felt like I became part of Laura’s couch.  She explained to us that she came up with it after she got sick and tired of having her hands burn and hurt from the alcohol and chemical content in commercial creams she’d been using, so she decided to whip up her own.  When she stopped, she looked at me and said,


As was mentioned in a previous post entitled “Spotlight: Donna”, the name given to her special hand & body cream is “Slather”, because when Donna was first treated to it, she told Annie she had taken it home and slathered it all over.  This tickled Annie, and she thought it was the perfect name for it, so it stuck.  The dictionary calls it a verb, meaning “to apply liberally and generously”, but to us, it’s a noun and the definition is simply what one must do with a delicious product like this awesome cream. It just makes sense!

CatSoCo’s Slather, like everything else, is made with only natural ingredients, and is totally handmade at home by Annie. There’s a touch of preservative so that it’ll have a shelf life and not go rancid within a couple months, but it’s undetectable.  Here, take a look at some photos she took of her inaugural batch since the Kickstarter campaign:

slather kitchen.jpg

That’s her kitchen and her pots on her stove!  She makes it in small batches so that whenever you buy some, you’ll know it was made very recently.  It comes to you as fresh as can be.

The photos below show the mixture when it’s just been combined and heated, the instrument Annie uses to churn it, a shot of it being churned, and then the last shot is how it looks once it’s fully whipped and beginning to coagulate.  You don’t really get to see this when you purchase body creams from a store in the mall or from the supermarket.  This is as down-to-earth as you can get, folks!  Take a look:

slather kitchen 2.jpg

I’m practically salivating looking at this.  I’m not even kidding, you should smell the fragrances she adds to it.  I once wore Cucumber Melon to work and somebody asked me if I had just been eating a Jolly Rancher candy *LOL*.  I’ve also worn the Eucalyptus Spearmint and it’s helped boost my mood considerably, every time I sniffed my arms;  the scent does last, especially if you also roll on the corresponding body oil to pulse points like you would perfume.  I could go on and on about the fragrances, alone, but instead, I’ll show you the list of choices you have when you order.  I wish someone would invent a way to translate sense of smell through the internet.

Having said all that, let me also point out that for people with sensitivity to fragrances, Annie makes her entire product line fragrance-free by request!  (And it’s still yummy in its creamy way).

Here is the menu:

fragrance collage copy.jpg410911_orig.gif

Have I mentioned how unbelievably SOFT your skin gets when you Slather thyself?  Oh man… When I meet people, I often get remarks about how soft my hands are.  Even people I’m meeting for the first time have reacted to it, surprised, because you generally don’t go to shake hands thinking, “I wonder how soft her/his hands are”.  You find out in that brief moment.  Some of those brief moments can impact the rest of your life, if you think about it.  A potential boss at an interview, a first date, meeting someone’s family for the first time.  What an impression to leave them with;  nice-smelling and soft skin.  And with that, no doubt a confident smile. These can take you pretty far.  And you can feel good knowing that the products you’ve chosen didn’t harm any animals, don’t contain harsh alcohol that can burn your skin, didn’t benefit a huge impersonal corporation but a Mom & Pop (literally!) as well as the locals Annie buys her goat’s milk from, and the packaging is environmentally friendly, as well.  Seriously, even if I didn’t know this woman personally, I would still crow about this stuff, I kid you not.  I’m passionate about it because it’s a winning product, period.  In fact, after I post this blog, I think I might rub some on my feet;  it’s flip-flop time, you know!  No dry, crackly heels for me!

Anyone interested in ordering some and experiencing the awesomeness of being Slathered, can do so here—> Ye CatSoCo Etsy Shoppe

We’ll also be selling at upcoming events, which will be posted here, as well, so you can come out, meet us, and test the products for yourself.  You’ll agree with everything I’ve said here, I’m sure.


Until next time, dearest friends and kindreds,

Fare thee well, keep calm, and Slather on,

Maryann for Team CatSoCo ❤



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