Happy Summer Solstice!

The day is longer.  Time to be outside, enjoying the weather, warmth, and everything good about summer.  It’s when we can emerge from our four walls and converge with the earth and each other for more hours before nightfall.

One thing that’s good about summer, especially in areas of the world where all four seasons are felt, is the opportunity to shower outside.  Not just to wash off sand after being at the beach, but to do the daily cleansing ritual in the yard, not the bathroom!  The experience of feeling the water and smelling the soap while looking at the sky or greenery is like being in your own personal paradise.  Eden, if you will.  Au naturale using all natural products with nature surrounding you.  In the raw with raw ingredients.  Now we’re getting silly.  But Bliss!


We can dream, can’t we?  Even if we can’t afford a luxury set-up like that, we can still have the aromatic products that remind us of such a scenario.  CatSoCo’s Cucumber Coconut soap, for example, or Cucumber Melon Slather, would be perfect for freshly-showered skin.  First the soap, then sit outside on the porch while rubbing the cream all over you.  Or if you’re sitting near woods or among trees or grass, No Deet’r Skeeter Spray would be ideal for keeping pesky insects away from you.  See, they’re repelled by the very scents we’re attracted to, and there aren’t any chemicals whatsoever to irritate your skin.  Effective and safe;  how could it get any better than that?

no deeter.jpg


Another favorite part of summer is going to the farmer’s markets and buying fresh produce.  Oh, there’s nothing like the scent of tomatoes on the vine or just-picked citrus.  Biting into a peach so juicy, it runs down your neck!  (always remember napkins)  Speaking of peach, CatSoCo has a lovely Ginger Peach fragrance that smells like you’re actually at a farmer’s market!  Which is great, because we’re going to be at one this coming Friday, June 23rd from 3-6pm.  In fact, we’ll be at Liberty Farmer’s Market every Friday for the rest of the summer!




There’s also the Monticello Farmer’s Market  Mondays from 11am – 2pm EST.  More yummy freshness and goodness to be had:



CatSoCo just goes hand-in-soft-hand with farmer’s markets!

We also go well with The New York Renaissance Faire, which is coming up in 6 weeks!!!  That’s always a big event, and a day full of fun, beauty, awe, imagination, inspiration, and delectable aromas from food cooking as well as from our booth.  Heh.  YUM!



Oh yes, summertime and the livin’s easy…  or at least it feels and smells good, with our products!

Have a great time, whatever you plan to do!  Enjoy every hour of the enchantment this season brings.  Life’s a gift, and the best things come straight from the earth on which we all stand.


Til the morrow, be well, dear brethren,


Team CatSoCo

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