A Little Bump in the Road


A note from Annie:

More autoimmune issues have been uncovered that have knocked me on my rear end lately. Since Faire opened I’ve been in the hospital three separate times, making more discoveries about my health. Doctors have strongly advised putting production on hiatus until further notice, however, I will be continuing until the end of Faire on October 1st with a little help from my friends. This does not mean previous commitments will go unfulfilled; I will make do on my Kickstarter promises and prior Etsy orders in the meantime.

I’m really sad and heartbroken. We’ve all worked so hard and my brain is willing, but my body is not. This is not how I envisioned everything back in April. I need time to get control over what’s happening to me medically so that I can resume production once my strength is back. I’m having a procedure done on Friday, so any good thoughts and wishes would be appreciated. If you need anything, the best way to contact me would be through email:


Thank you, everyone, for all your continued support. I’m grateful.


Annie & Team CatSoCo

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Take Me to the Fair…



It’s happening now, fine citizens! CatSoCo is open for business at the New York Renaissance Faire!

Come by and sample the creams and smell the soaps. Spritz some No Deet’er Skeeter Spray to ward off those pesky pests present in the forest greens. But most of all, enjoy thyself!


Faire closes at 7pm today, but fear not; it reopens on the morrow promptly at the sound of the cannon, 10am.

See you there at the Faire!! HUZZAH!


Team CatSoCo

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Spotlight: Raith


We managed to pin down our friend, Raith, long enough to have him answer a few questions for the latest installment of our Spotlight series, where we give our readers the opportunity to “meet” members of the inner realm. Raith? What say thou?


1) What is your connection to NYRF?

Heh, this is could be a long-winded answer. We’ll just highlight it.

Started my “Faire life” years before NYRF, @ NJRK and loved it there. Found out about NYRF and made my way up to it in 1999. I had already known a decent amount of “Play-trons” or “Boothies” from my years at NJRK. It took some getting used to being on “new” grounds during my 1st season, but it was no longer “big fish, small pond”…it became “same fish, HUGE pond!” Put in my time over the years, created and cultivated relationships/friendships…stayed AWAY from “psycho drama” (that’s vanilla world drama x10…refers to faire drama) like the plague (and still do). Eventually got a gig working parade for Ruth Thompson’s Art Booth for a few years. Was cool to have a pass, but not have to be stuck *IN* the booth. Then from 2011-2013 I was involved in a Faire stage show called “Gimme Shimmy”, belly dance show, on the Fool’s Stage. It was an amazing experience! The following year is when I started walking parade for Annie and CatSoCo…and a perfect Segway into the next question…

2) Where did you and Annie meet?

We met at NYRF from just seeing her around, going into her booth…and then I believe “officially” through a mutual friend, Anabel. It was after I went to a home party at Anabel’s and was introduced to CatSoCo products there. I had loved the Goat’s Milk Slather!

3) What is your favorite CatSoCo product?

Hands down…the one and only No “Deet”er Skeeter Spray! OMG, this stuff not only smells AMAZING…it keeps ALL of the mosquitos off me. I literally watched a few of them over the years come and land on my skin or shirt…and instantly go “OH HELL NO!” and fly away. (well maybe they didn’t really say that but I like to think they did…because it makes for a funnier story)

4) What is your favorite fragrance?

For myself: Egyptian Musk & Nag Champa mixed.

5) So, what is the design and color of the new business card?

Hmmmm, let’s see…I really have no clue!

LOL Yeah okay!

That day, I saw (on FB) that Annie was working on a new business card and offered to help, since I use one of the MAJOR online “business needs” websites for all of my company stuff. So Annie and I worked on it together ONLINE while text messaging back and forth for about 2 hours. During that time, we spoke once or twice to iron out some details. I came up with the layout for both sides…searched online for the perfect ‘Black Cat’ clipart to represent CatSoCo’s mascot/icon properly. Even came up with the idea and made the little paw prints for the Buy/Get on the back of the card.

Now…hear me when I say this…ANNIE CHOSE THE COLOR…I SWEAR! Best choice possible, but it was ALL her idea! I even said to her that everyone that knows I helped create it is going to say that *I* made it PURPLE. Just remember, Annie was *the* final word on the layout.

6) Anything unique about you that some might not know?

I am a computer/tech nerd…meaning I can build my own computer and can work with most electronic devices without issue.

Also, I run a karaoke business. It is a blast. YES, I sing…not too bad from what I’ve been told.

Raith mic.jpg

I’m into so many things: LARPing, video games, voice-over acting, sports, tabletop games, music, motorcycles, cooking…a lot of things that make up my world.

7) What did you have for breakfast?

Two fried eggs, made with salt/pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, Cholula hot sauce (yep…spicy) and two slices of Pork Roll! Along with two cups of hazelnut coffee.

Raith wine.jpg

8) Tell me about your cool Son of Sandlar boots.

My original Faire boots finally decided to not be happy anymore, after resoling them twice over the 20+ years of Faires. Everyone knows of SoS boots at NYRF and I have been looking for over 5 years at making the choice to get some…but I didn’t want to have boots that looked like everyone else’s boots.

Ordered them in 2013 in the off season. Got them shipped to me in May 2013.

Custom made from the ground up, not a stock boot that was “added to”. I wanted the Square Front style or as they call it, the “Nine Button Square Toe”…it just has that *look* to it. Even their own description makes note of it “The squared toe is hand sewn to offer a more rugged and aggressive look.”

Went with the SKULL buttons in silver and black on black on black…nope, no purple…everything goes with black.

Now what makes *my* Sandlars different from the others…I had them create a custom leg pocket on the inside of my left boot. My old boots I wore forever had one and I couldn’t bear to be without it after so long. Even had one of the SKULLS put on it to act as the “button closure”.

9) What’s your sign?

Ready? ”The Twins”! But, before you roll your eyes and say “I knew it” or “that explains a lot”…lol…let me say this: I have had MANY flaws in my personality and how I interacted with the world when I was younger and I didn’t like them. So I decided, about 17 years ago, it was time to “grow up” and I began the journey to be a better version of myself and no longer needed to hang onto those bad habits and traits that defined me up to that point. I like to say that I have removed all the “bad traits” of Gemini and I ‘emulate’ the good ones. Sincerely, I never try to be a bad human…and I own up to it when I am. So…Gemini…yep…that one.

10) Which Faire guild(s) do you belong to?

Yeah, I know it’s all for fun and none of it is real. With that being said, I actually have a unique responsibility to ALL the Lundegaard Faire Guilds…I’ll explain after the list below.

I belong to four of them:

  • International Brotherhood of Rogues, Scoundrels and Cads, a.k.a. “The Rogues Guild”

I have been a member since 2000. I wear *the only* Bronze pin ever given to anyone outside of the original 30 (33) cast in the early years of the Guild’s foundation. (Now you can buy your own) I am also “The Alpha Rogue” for NYRF, which means I oversee anything Guild related and make sure to protect the Guild on both sides of it: the fun side and the business side.

  • International Fellowship of Royal Privateers, a.k.a. “Privateers Guild” (or incorrectly said “Pirates Guild”)

I am the Commodore of the “Scourge of Sterling” with a fleet of ships in an Alliance with mine, and I am Captain of “The Agavero” which is the 2nd largest ship, by crew, in the entire Guild. There are a VERY limited number of Commodores in the Guild…I only know of one other.

To differentiate between a pirate and privateer:

A Pirate: person who unlawfully robs people of their property by use of a vessel. This has been a death penalty offense in most countries going as far back as ancient Egypt.

A Privateer: is a sailor (or Pirate) that has been given license, with a “Letter of Marque” signed by their Monarch, to attack only enemies at war with their Crown/Country at any time and keep the plunder, on condition of paying the government a certain percentage.

  • The Fraternal Order of Vikings, Barbarians and Berserkers, a.k.a. “Barbarians Guild”

Been a part of the Guild since its inception year. I am a member of high standing in Wolf Clan. I enjoy assisting, when I can and when I am asked, with the Annual FoVBB Maraud games by offering my very impartial “referee” abilities. No one gets impartial treatment; all calls are how I see them within the guidelines of the rules stated. Definitely fun!

  • Renaissance Mercenaries Guild, a.k.a. “Mercs Guild”

Been a member for over 10 years. I had assisted security at NYRF one year in finding someone that they needed to talk to because they did something they shouldn’t have. I was given my pin that season. The Mercs Guild are regular patrons that volunteer to help with anything we can help with during a Faire day. We are NOT employees/security in any way…but we look out and try to make sure that no one gets out of hand and we “protect” the ideals of the Faire and will be additional eyes and ears for Faire. We fight the good fight with our most powerful weapons of all: a kind heart and a clear head.

Now, my “unique responsibility” to ALL the Lundegaard Faire Guilds: I am an Admin for the Guilds. I work directly with Lundegaard (Lars and Anastasia) on the inside of that world. I have been doing this since 2012 when I took over the daunting task of entering Guild members into the database…and editing/updating anything that needs it. Yep, it’s not a glamorous thing and can be quite tedious when actually doing it. But I love it and I do what I can to help and keep things “in some semblance of order”.

Raith twins.jpg6668814_orig.png

This has certainly been a very interesting and informative Spotlight entry. Thanks, Raith!! (you realize the border on those pics above just HAD to be PURPLE, right?)

We’ll continue to periodically bug feature more of our friends. And as of Saturday August 5th, and until October 1st, you can meet us at the New York Renaissance Faire


Team CatSoCo

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Are You Ready??


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HUZZAH! The time has finally arrived, dear brethren!

Saturday, August 5th at 10am the doors swing open and off we go, leapin’ through the past at the 2017 New York Renaissance Faire !!

As you can see in the awesome video above, the citizens of the Court are donning their garb, sharpening up their tools, crafting their crafts, and we’re right along with them. We’ll be offering our wares in our Shire at 22 Spende Penny Lane, (across from the Information Booth), where there’ll be treats for your skin and nose.

Come join us in celebrating the 40th anniversary of what’s been voted the Best Renaissance Faire of the Northeast!


“The Faire is a rollicking romp through Elizabethan England complete with 16th Century games, rides, arts, crafts, food, music and dance – set within the majestic groves of Tuxedo Park, New York”

sword divider.png

We truly hope to see you there, as we believe “the more, the merrier”!!

Until then, fare thee well….


Team CatSoCo ❤

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Come With Me to the Renaissance Faire…


Gather Ye Lords and Ladies, fair…

There are only two weeks left until the opening of the New York Renaissance Faire !!!

And we are preparing the Shire at 22 Spende Penny Lane to receive you, one and all…


Kings, Queens, Knights, Faeries, Wenches inhabit a land of long ago, yet right now, as we live and breathe. Where fantasy is the order of the day; singing songs, playing games, putting on shows, selling exquisite handmade crafts, eating food and drinking drink…


HUZZAH! Come to the Faire! Come meet us there! Saturday August 5th!


Team CatSoCo ❤

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This Weekend…



You might wanna come by our table and purchase some tasty products to make yourself that much more edible… yes, yes… Some soap for a delightful bath, then smooth Slather to soften your skin, scented oils to make yourself smell sweet everywhere…

On Friday, July 14th, we’ll be at

Liberty Farmer’s Market
Dunbee Lane
Liberty, NY 12754
(914) 292-6180

Then on Saturday & Sunday July 15th & 16th we’ll be at

Rosendale Street Festival
Main Street
Rosendale, NY 12472


And of course, the sexiest of all of our appearances will take place Saturdays, Sundays, and Labor Day starting Aug 5th at….

NY Renaissance Faire


The Faire is full of summertime heat, and not just the weather.  Aside from the patrons donning all kinds of sexy outfits, staff will seen in garb, as well.  Swashbuckling pirates, brave jousting knights, fair maidens, and raunchy wenches, as far as the eye can see.

Come into our shire and let us Slather thee…

Looking forward to it!

Til then, fare thee well, dearest brethren,

Team CatSoCo ❤

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Update: Live Events!


Hello again, brethren!  Happy belated 4th of July!

We hope your summer is going well so far.  Ours has been!  We sold at the events posted about in previous entries, and now we’re adding two new ones.  We’re keeping busy, we’re meeting lots of new folks, and it’s been a pleasure.

As mentioned before, we’re at Monticello Farmer’s Market every Monday from 11am-2pm, as well as Liberty Farmer’s Market every Friday from 3-6pm throughout the summer.

And now….

Saturdays from 10am – 2pm we’ll be appearing at:

Neversink Farmer’s Market
4 Schumway Road
Neversink, NY 12765
(845) 985-2076

That’s the Neversink General Store on Route 55.  There’ll be music, art, local vendors of all kinds of goodness, and of course, lots and lots of fresh produce and yummy stuff made by Annie’s two hands.



On Sunday, July 9th, from 10am – 5pm, we’ll be at:

Nyack Street Fair 2017
Main St. & Broadway
100 Main St.
Nyack, NY 10960



And of course, the big event we’ve all been waiting for is only one month away now.  The New York Renaissance Faire !!!  But we’ll dedicate a whole blog post for it when the time finally arrives…

So will we see you out there for any of these events?  We sure hope so.  It’s one thing to ship our product out to people we meet online, but it’s an entirely different experience when we’re lucky enough to meet face-to-face, in 3D.  There’s no substitute for eye contact, spontaneous laughs, smiles, handshakes, and definitely nothing like smelling and feeling our luxurious soaps and creams, either!  Come on out, we’ll make a day of it together!

Til then, fare thee well,

Team CatSoCo

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Spotlight: Lauren!




Hi there! We’re back with another Spotlight on one of our friends, and this time the lovely Lauren was kind enough to answer questions and volunteer herself for us. Without further ado, here she is!


Laurenstache copy.jpg


1)  How did you find out about CatSoCo?

I found out about CatSoCo when Annie came to work with me at my day job. She brought me a bar of her goats milk soap to try and I was hooked!

2)  How long have you been using their products?

Since I first met Annie in…I want to say 2014 but I may be wrong. I’ve never been good with dates.

3)  What is your favorite product?

Ooooh how do you choose just one thing?! I guess if I had to pick one I would say the Slather. It just feels so luxurious, whenever I put it on I feel like I’m being pampered.

4)  What is your favorite fragrance?

An even harder choice to make! I’d have to go with Harvest Ale or Sweetgrass Cedar Sage.

5)  Have you ever been to Ren Faire?

I’ve been going to the Renaissance Faire for longer than I can remember, every year rain or shine. And I’ve been working there in Annie’s booth since the year I met her. It’s my happy place!

6)  What’s your sign?

I am a Leo but I identify more with Cancer. There isn’t much about Leo’s that I see in myself.

7)  Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I’ve always been a cat person but now I have a dog too. It’s been a learning experience to say the least.

8)  What is your second favorite product?

I love the goats milk soap, I use it every day!

9)  What did you have for lunch today?

Guacamole burger, yum!

10) What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?

42 😉

Y’know, who are we to argue with that??

Thanks so much for being a willing victim participant, Lauren!  We’re looking forward to seeing you very soon, so we can reenact the Jimmy Eats World video and dance around in our undies with you, W00HOOooOOoo00oo!!



As is for the rest of the summer, folks, CatSoCo will be selling at Monticello Farmer’s Market every Monday from 11am-2pm EST, and at Liberty Farmer’s Market every Friday from 3-6pm EST.  There’s also always our Etsy Shoppe online so you could access yummy goodness even in your undies!

And don’t forget:  New York Renaissance Faire starts Aug 5th!!

That’s all for now!  Until we meet again, fare thee well, soul tribe…

Slather On!

Team CatSoCo

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Happy Summer Solstice!

The day is longer.  Time to be outside, enjoying the weather, warmth, and everything good about summer.  It’s when we can emerge from our four walls and converge with the earth and each other for more hours before nightfall.

One thing that’s good about summer, especially in areas of the world where all four seasons are felt, is the opportunity to shower outside.  Not just to wash off sand after being at the beach, but to do the daily cleansing ritual in the yard, not the bathroom!  The experience of feeling the water and smelling the soap while looking at the sky or greenery is like being in your own personal paradise.  Eden, if you will.  Au naturale using all natural products with nature surrounding you.  In the raw with raw ingredients.  Now we’re getting silly.  But Bliss!


We can dream, can’t we?  Even if we can’t afford a luxury set-up like that, we can still have the aromatic products that remind us of such a scenario.  CatSoCo’s Cucumber Coconut soap, for example, or Cucumber Melon Slather, would be perfect for freshly-showered skin.  First the soap, then sit outside on the porch while rubbing the cream all over you.  Or if you’re sitting near woods or among trees or grass, No Deet’r Skeeter Spray would be ideal for keeping pesky insects away from you.  See, they’re repelled by the very scents we’re attracted to, and there aren’t any chemicals whatsoever to irritate your skin.  Effective and safe;  how could it get any better than that?

no deeter.jpg


Another favorite part of summer is going to the farmer’s markets and buying fresh produce.  Oh, there’s nothing like the scent of tomatoes on the vine or just-picked citrus.  Biting into a peach so juicy, it runs down your neck!  (always remember napkins)  Speaking of peach, CatSoCo has a lovely Ginger Peach fragrance that smells like you’re actually at a farmer’s market!  Which is great, because we’re going to be at one this coming Friday, June 23rd from 3-6pm.  In fact, we’ll be at Liberty Farmer’s Market every Friday for the rest of the summer!




There’s also the Monticello Farmer’s Market  Mondays from 11am – 2pm EST.  More yummy freshness and goodness to be had:



CatSoCo just goes hand-in-soft-hand with farmer’s markets!

We also go well with The New York Renaissance Faire, which is coming up in 6 weeks!!!  That’s always a big event, and a day full of fun, beauty, awe, imagination, inspiration, and delectable aromas from food cooking as well as from our booth.  Heh.  YUM!



Oh yes, summertime and the livin’s easy…  or at least it feels and smells good, with our products!

Have a great time, whatever you plan to do!  Enjoy every hour of the enchantment this season brings.  Life’s a gift, and the best things come straight from the earth on which we all stand.


Til the morrow, be well, dear brethren,


Team CatSoCo

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Calendar of Events!

“we could take a bath… “


Hello, again!  So, as promised, here is a schedule of where we’ll be selling live and in person over the next couple of weeks.

The events listed here on our Eventbrite account are all free admission:

Monticello Farmer’s Market
Monday, June 19th;  11am – 2pm EST
211 E. Broadway
Monticello, New York 12701

Liberty Farmer’s Market
Friday, June 23rd;  3pm – 6pm EST
25 Darbee Lane
Liberty, NY 12754

A Gathering At Bethel Woods
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
Saturday, July 1st;  3pm – 9pm EST
200 Hurd Rd.
Bethel, NY 12720

Farmer’s markets are always a treat, aren’t they?  Plenty of fresh stuff at reasonable prices, goodies for everyone to take home and enjoy, be they for ingestion or only skin deep.  There’ll also be live music, children’s reading circles, and other surprises!

Liberty FM.jpg


And the Gathering at Bethel Woods is going to be a festival of Peace, Love, and Music, right on the same site where Woodstock took place in the Summer of 1969!!!  Don your tie-dye and get your hippie on with us, it’ll be great! ☮ ✌


divider 2 butterfly.png

The following events carry a small admission fee:

Hudson Valley Hot Air Balloon Festival
Friday – Sunday, July 7th – 9th; start times vary
Barton Orchards
63 Apple Tree Lane
Poughquag, NY 12601
Click here for—–>travel directions & info

Clearwater Festival
Saturday & Sunday, June 17th & 18th;  gates open at 9am EST
Croton Point Park
1 Croton Point Avenue
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520
Here are—–>travel directions & info

Clearwater will feature concerts with performances by Arlo Guthrie, Joan Osbourne, Los Lobos, Josh Ritter, Nick Lowe, among many others, and other types of performers.  All right on the edge of the beautiful Hudson River.


The Hudson Valley Hot Air Balloon Festival will also offer visual delights.  Who doesn’t love watching a bunch of big balloons set sail into the air? And you can ride in them, if you want, too!


As with all of our events, there will be free samples so you can experience the product before buying.  And you really haven’t felt anything like a good slathering from Annie!

We hope that you will come out to one of these and make our acquaintance, if we don’t already know you.  Sincerely, we enjoy meeting new people, especially at fun, happy events such as these.  And to those we know, we wanna see you again! ❤

Thank you for helping us kick off the Summer of 2017!


Til we meet again,

Fare thee well, dearest brethren,

Team CatSoCo